2010. vedute

Vedute, Collezione Maramotti, Reggio Emilia, 2010
Synecdoche Vedute, Italian Cultural Institute, London, 2011

Vedute is a work on the landscapes of six cities where Flavio de Marco has lived, represented not from primary physical experience, but through secondary materials: photographs and posters (Berlin), maps and GPS devices (London), guidebooks (Lecce), images from art history (Bellini and Segantini) and postcards (Milan and Bologna), as well as old prints and tourist brochures (Rome). The diverse sources used allowed the artist to freely experiment with visual styles and give a sense of the mood and rhythm of each city. These Vedute (literally: views) appear in fragments in multiple little windows integrated into the painted frame of a computer, reproducing the fractioned vision of the touristic aspect of urban experience. This perception is defined by the two movements which precede and follow the actual touristic experience: the time before, characterized by imagining the place and guided by stereotypes; and the time after, marked by the memory of the place and influenced by the viewing of personal photographs.
For each city, the musician Teho Teardo composed a specific piece to which the viewer could listen with headphones while visiting the show. The writer Paolo Nori wrote texts about his personal memories of these places.

Catalogue in collaboration with Paolo Nori and Teho Teardo with a text by Adriana Polveroni.