2011-2014. stella

Galleria nazionale d’arte moderna, Rome, 2014  /   Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, 2013  /   Frankendael Foundation, Amsterdam, 2013

Flavio de Marco imagined an island-that-does-not-exist, a place which would concentrate all possible diversity of the different landscapes of the world and have the perfect shape of a star (Stella), the shape that characterized the ideal city’s urban planning during the Renaissance. The artist conceived of the subject as a painted software of different types of landscapes, digging into works and painting languages of the old masters, as well as reproduced images used by the tourism and advertisement industry. In each source, De Marco looked for a representation of landscape understood as a variable model upon which new, invariably different pictorial compositions could be built. He integrated them into the painted frame of a computer screen, like a spatial double of our present-day lives, in which we catch glimpses of a cloudy sky between the screens of our mobile phones and laptops.

Catalogue of the show at Galleria nazionale d’arte moderna (Rome, 2013) with texts by Maria Vittoria Marini Clarelli, Angelandreina Rorro, Adriana Polveroni, Federico Ferrari and Valerio Adami.

04.06.2014 - Opening of the exhibition "Stella" at Galleria nazionale d'arte moderna in Rome.

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The project was also developed from a literary point of view, through a 386-page book which invites the reader on a poetic journey through the history of western painting in the era of low-cost airlines and the planet’s new geography as redesigned by the world wide web. It is also a virtual touristic guide for a super-island of consumption and leisure, without financial or human mediation, without limitations of space and time. But above all, on Stella it is possible for the first time in human history to change landscapes through the use of a software that allows you to treat scenarios as backdrops and even simulates them through olfactory dispersions and sound recordings. Stella can be considered the culmination of simulation as topographic art, as seen in Dubai with the creation of the artificial palm islands. It is the amazing surrogate of a world flattened on the horizontality of communication, one that has abandoned the depth of physical perspective

Danilo Montanari Editore, Ravenna