2007. souvenir schifanoia

P.A.C – Palazzo Massari, Ferrara, 2007

Ferrara’s PAC (Padiglione di Arte Contemporanea) invited Flavio de Marco to create a work about a fifteenth-century masterpiece by the School of Ferrara in the Renaissance palace of Schifanoia. The allegorical frescoes represent, month by month, the pagan cycle of the year, of which seven scenes are still visible and five have been mostly erased by time.
Souvenir Schifanoia, is a project in two parts. The first one is dedicated to the fresco’s still-visible scenes. For the first time, De Marco inserted figurative images into his work: fragments of the „ pagan cycle „ were digitally printed and integrated into his canvas of painted computer screens. The second part is a large installation referring to the segment of the fresco which is now barely visible. On the surfaces of the exhibition room, De Marco reproduced the remaining contours of this „lost“ part with wallpaper and wall paintings. On this background, he installed a selection of his first paintings of computer frames.
In Souvenir Schifanoia, De Marco refers to the „touristic approach“ of the history of art and to the reproducibility of historical memory as digitized „souvenirs“.

Catalogue with texts by Maria Luisa Pacelli, Federico Ferrari and Francesca Pasini and “Applicazione”, a live performance by Teatrino Clandestino.

"Storie dell'occhio" (2008). By Jonny Costantino and Fabio Badolato (Baco Productions)